About Us

Founded by Michael Wojtanowicz in 1993, Systematic Inquiry Group is a team of veteran investigators and security professionals. Over the years we have developed a network of specialists for every problem you could potentially face. We pride ourselves in obtaining cost-effective, legally accurate results while maintaining genuine care and concern for your best interests.  Systematic Inquiry Group is now being led by father and son. Their combined skill, education and experience in investigations and executive security give us the tempered skill set able to handle problems you’re facing . As Mike always says, “There is no trouble in business you can face that we haven’t already handled elsewhere.”

Michael Wojtanowicz

Director of Investigations

Did You Know?

of employees admit to stealing from their employers
1 %

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

of business failures are directly linked to employee theft
1 %

U.S. Dept. of Commerce

acts of violence are committed at work every year
0 M


of U.S. active shooter events in 2018 happened in the workplace
1 %


Jonathan Wojtanowicz

Director of Executive Security

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