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Employers make critical hiring decisions based on the information we provide. That is why data integrity is most important to us. We aggregate data from all over the world and only use the most reliable sources, all delivered in a timely fashion through our technology.

Plexus assists in creating, deploying and managing a client’s drug screening program. From DOT, Non-DOT, pre-employment, post-accident or reasonable suspicion, care is taken to better understand what programs best meet your needs.

Paperless I9 & e-Verify: Achieve full compliance with all employment eligibility and E-Verify requirements with eLink. Create, manage and store error-proof Form I-9s with our eLink system that instantly checks data as it’s being keyed. eLink helps with Electronic Form I-9, E-Verify, remote hires, migration and remediation of historical records, and also I-9 audits.

Driver Monitoring Application: DriveLink is a driver monitoring web application that proactively monitors driver activity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. DriveLink connects directly with participating states’ licensing agencies or DMVs to monitor changes in a driver’s record and report adverse actions that may affect a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle. DriveLink collects all information for a comprehensive review of the individual driver. DriveLink automates managing your commercial and non-commercial drivers. It manages all driver data, automatically checking for new violations, DUI/DWI convictions, invalid or expired licenses. Daily alerts identify new citations and actions and alerts management to any changes to driver activity.

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